THE LEONBERGER by Guido Perosino

review by: Jan Irving 2007-01-02

published 2006

I had noted a scarcity of literature in English on the Leonberger over the years, but this is an EXCELLENT book - in fact it is a revised edition. Considering the breed is one of the first German breeds recognized (1846) it is a shame more English language material hasn't been available, however, this smallish book of 135pp is an excellent resource. Covering the formation of the breed by the interbreeding of several large breeds, the book also comprehensively covers breed type, conformation and gait.

This is a well presented book with a lot of information packed into it, and it has translated well into English, may be one or exceptions to this comment as I recall the author described the Chihuahua as a dwarf rather than a miniature dog. There are some beautiful photos of stunning Leonbergers, and nice photos of the Leonberger in stride to demonstrate gait. The discussion of type is detailed and comprehensive, from a mandala (sanskrit for circle, etc, which is an antique oriental art and form of expression relating all the parts of the breed to each other) to photos with comments and diagrams to discuss proportions and angles. There are also splendid illustrations of head type and planes.

This book is certainly an asset for the breed, and a must read for new or would be owners, and judges, new and old.

It can be hard to find, so I suggest you try a Google or other internet search. =

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