Board Game: 


This is being developed by Jan Irving, and occasionally she gets time to tinker with it, details of publication etc will appear as they come to hand, and also on in Canine Collectables Courier The site also has a few showing and handling tips so exhibitors you won’t be completely bored waiting for this very slow project to finish. Actually, come to think of it, it did take Jan 15 years to finish her Clumber book The White Spaniel - grin.

The game is a very happy and light hearted look at showing, in fact, the secondary title could well be “So now even I can win a Best in Show”. The game is aim at 10 years plus for die hard junior handlers, or 18 years plus for regular non-obessive players, and apart from requiring two or more players it is going to really self explanatory as you roll the die and move onto a new show and check the show results, which will tell you what happens, including if you get to go to the trophy table!

So stay tuned!